Strategic consulting

The depth and speed of the digital transformation of today's society, requires organizations, whatever their size or segment, to constantly reinvent their business models and production processes, always taking this new reality into account.

BlackBean's multidisciplinary team is prepared to assist organizations in the process of creating departments and programs for distance learning and training. Acting actively in all stages of the production chain, BlackBean is in a unique position to contribute decisively to the success of any distance learning project.

Competence and knowledge maps

Competence and
knowledge maps

We map the knowledge, the skills, and the attitudes necessary for the good performance of employees. We develop learning trails for each position or function.

Implementation and structuring projects

Implementation and
structuring projects

We develop projects to implement virtual learning environments (including corporate universities), to produce pedagogical content, and to structure human development areas.

Measurement and evaluation of results

Measurement and
evaluation of results

We conduct continuous monitoring and evaluation of training and training programs, in addition to measuring results and producing return on investment (ROI) reports.