Platforms implementation

BlackBean specializes in the selection, customization, and implementation of learning management systems, or LMSs, for the most diverse market segments. In an increasingly diversified, competitive, and constantly changing world, continuous multichannel learning becomes absolutely essential for the future of any organization. This new world requires, or rather demands, a radical and profound change in behavioral and organizational practices and paradigms.

Planning and implementation

and implementation

Selecting, planning, and implementing an educational solution, whether or not to includecontent production, is not an easy task, even for the most experienced teams. Our team has years of solid experience and dozens of successful implementations, so we are strategically positioned to collaborate with organizations in this critical phase of any educational project.

Customization and development

Customization and

Every organization is unique: cultures, people, products, processes, all of these factors decisively influence the educational needs of an organization. We take all of these unique features into account in visual customization (themes) and functional development (modules and extensions) of our educational solutions.

Monitoring and hosting

and hosting

There is nothing more damaging to an organization's credibility than an unstable or inaccessible educational platform. Thinking about it BlackBean has a unique hosting architecture and a DevOps team specialized in educational platforms, from the most basic to the most complex.

Architectures and integrations

and integrations

Some medium and large organizations, due to digital security and compliance policies, choose to host and manage their educational platforms internally. However, as these platforms grow, and their complex integrations, they become major sources of problems for IT teams.

Updates and migrations

and migrations

Keeping software up to date is essential for the security of any organization and its employees. For this, we have a specialized team with proven experience in updating and migrating educational platforms.